We BlaQue

Hey you! I’m KYE. I’m a black, queer, Jamaican DJ based in NYC.

I’ve lived in NYC for almost 10 years now and it’s still hard for me to find events for QTPOC people. That’s why I created BlaQue; to help people like us find more events with people like us.

So, what is BlaQue?

BlaQue is a curated list of events for queer and trans people of color in NYC. Imagine having a friend who knows when and where all the best QTPOC events are happening. We’re that friend.

When do lists drop?

Every Wednesday, we’ll drop a curated list of events for that upcoming weekend (plus the upcoming week). Subscribe to get it in your inbox! Know an event for queer and trans people of color? Don’t hesitate to send it my way! 🙏🏾

I hope you discover some new places, spaces and faces.

~ Til we meet in IRL,

✌🏾 KYE

Find me on Instagram, Mixcloud and Spotify.